Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bad guy

I haven't posted in MONTHS!!!

I am NOT pregnant!!!

I hate my DH's family!!!

SIL#1 had her baby. The baby is beautiful and I fell in love. Christmas I remembered that it would have been my little Angel's first Christmas.....I cried! The first Sunday the baby was at church I cried. I was sooooo happy for her that she finally had a sweet bundle of joy. Then it all crashed!

I had been hearing rumors for months concerning BIL#1 and a girlfriend. Come to find out it is true. SIL#1 is apparently okay with it and I have gotten reamed out by her, my BIL and my FIL about it because I found pictures of the two of them on the freakin' internet!!!! How is it okay????? I didn't go looking for it! I certainly didn't enjoy finding it. I didn't enjoy showing it to DH. He was crushed, but wanted to make sure is sister is okay. He has always tried to take care of her. Why on earth would you bring a baby into this world knowing that you no longer had a relationship with your spouse and why is all of that my fault???

I know that this isn't making a lot of sense, but it would take pages to explain all of it and I don't have the energy.