Thursday, May 19, 2011

So much drama

I want a dull boring life.  Is that so much to ask? I wouldn't think so.  Actually, boring is probably the wrong way to describe what I want.  I just want c.a.l.m. As in C.A.L.M.!! I have drama at work......I have drama among a group of friends.  And by drama, I mean D.R.A.M.A.!!

CW#3 is most likely on his way out the door.  Only he doesn't realize it yet.  I have been drug into meetings regarding him more times than I care to count.  He may be clueless, but he isn't stupid and he has got to realize that all these closed doors are not good.  I'm not sure why they are dragging this out, but they are.  Stressful!!!!

GF and I along with our DH's and a number of other couples went out one night and ended up in a very large disagreement.  GF and I are still on the same page, but a lot of other friendships have been destroyed.  A lot of hateful, mean, spiteful things have been said and it can never be taken back.  You would think that it is over and done with and while there may be two groups of friends instead of one big group we would all just go about our daily lives and learn to co-exist.  You would think so..... But that isn't what has happened.  Apparently, there are some that will not move on and just keep on making catty bitchy comments.  Unfortunately, GF is taking the brunt of it.  I feel horrible for her and I honestly want to be there for her.  But with all the drama I am dealing with at work, there are some days I just really don't want to hear about who said or did what anymore. 

In other news.  I started my OPK and I have been having a faint second line.  Why oh why can't I be one of those that just gets pregnant when I look at a baby???!!!???


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